From bright orange”Folded in” to monochrome  “Wabi-Sabi”,  the closed flowers of the California Poppy against the sky

After photographing the closed flowers of the California poppy against the sky, I endeavored to convert my photos to black and white. I show how I work in layers, and write about accepting imperfections in one’s work as a way of enriching it.

Photographing the Foxtail Agave, chapter two: inspiration in The Thoughts of Marcus Aurelius

Finding inspiration to process photos of the Foxtail Agave while reading Marcus Aurelius’ thoughts.

Photographing the Foxtail Agave, and how I found inspiration in Seneca’s stoicism

I found inspiration for a new photography project on the Foxtail Agave after reading Seneca’s “On the shortness of life”.

Milkweed seedpod macrophotography at the UC Davis Arboretum (California, USA) using an off camera speedlight

I show how I photograph milkweed seed pods with the help of a speed light.

Swamp Milkweed seed pods – the engineer’s approach

Alessandra has recently posted a couple of examples of very artistic images of Swamp milkweed seeds and that reminded me of a walk I made around a small lake in Northern Virginia way back in 2013, and I was amazed to see these large pods on the ground which, when opened, showed a dramatic arrayContinue reading “Swamp Milkweed seed pods – the engineer’s approach”