About me

I have shared my photographs on social media over the past few years, where I have also participated in different photography groups. Over time, however, I have become increasingly dissatisfied with these platforms, and on several occasions,  I have entertained the thought to quit social media altogether. 

This blog is an attempt to compromise and continue to share my photography with those who want to follow it, but in the same time gain some more control over my content. I also have a small portfolio in Adobe Creative Cloud and prints from my botanical work can be purchased here.

Finally, about me: I am an entomologist living in California. I was born and grew up in the awesome city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I use Nikon gear and sometimes I use my cell phone too (who doesn’t?). Like many contemporary photographers, I have learned photography from several sources: workshops, photo peeps, friends, U-tube videos, and books. I prefer and am best equipped to photograph “scapes”, botanicals and still life, but occasionally I will post the photograph of an animal, a person or wherever else happens inspire me.

 I hope you enjoy this blog and please do not hesitate to post your comments and questions. I will keep it short, I promise. 

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