Landscape or portrait orientation? On the art of procrastinating boring tasks

My weekended plan was to investigate Mailchimp, but I ended up spending all my time shooting Agave plants, then investigating how to best present its curve. 

Celebrating “Fascination of Plants Day”: Another view of the dry leaf of the Cecropia

Another view of a dry leaf of the Cecropia, in black and white, reveals a different aspect of this interesting, large leaf found in the Atlantic Forest of Brazil.

The Dogwood flower season in Sacramento (California, USA)

Every April, photographers walk the streets of Sacramento, trespassing on people’s lawns and driveways, to capture the beautiful Dogwood flowers that grow in the city gardens.

Adorable wildflowers now blooming at the Stebbins Cold Canyon Preserve (California, USA) 

Back to the Cold Canyon for a wildflower walk with a camera, I spotted a number of adorable flowers. This post contains some photography tips.

Agave jab – succulent plant photography in black and white

I introduce my followers to one of my black and white photographs of an Agave plant, and write some thoughts about succulent plant photography in monochrome.

Photography opportunities at the South Yuba River State Park (California, USA), Nevada County

I write about a hidden gem for springtime and fall photography, located on Pleasants Valley Road in California, off Highway 20, the South Yuba River State Park.