From bright orange”Folded in” to monochrome  “Wabi-Sabi”,  the closed flowers of the California Poppy against the sky

After photographing the closed flowers of the California poppy against the sky, I endeavored to convert my photos to black and white. I show how I work in layers, and write about accepting imperfections in one’s work as a way of enriching it.

Wide-open spaces of the West in black and white, chapter two

Come along with me for a walk in the pasture, along the nearly dry marsh, towards the mountains, and into the light.

Photographing the Foxtail Agave, chapter two: inspiration in The Thoughts of Marcus Aurelius

Finding inspiration to process photos of the Foxtail Agave while reading Marcus Aurelius’ thoughts.

A day in the Tahoe Snow – snapshots converted into black and white for a personal touch

When you don’t have time for more than a snapshot or two, you can add some interest to your photos later in post-processing by converting them to black and white.

Monochromatic photography in tropical nature: some problems and some tips to overcome them

Photographing monochromatic landscapes in the tropics can be challenging. I give a few tips to overcome some of them.

Photographing the Foxtail Agave, and how I found inspiration in Seneca’s stoicism

I found inspiration for a new photography project on the Foxtail Agave after reading Seneca’s “On the shortness of life”.

A brief investigation into two eco papers, Hahnemühle Bamboo Base, and the Hahnemühle Agave Base

I tested two eco papers from Hahnemühle, the Bamboo Base and the Agave Base, and compare prices with the Photo Rag, a paper I use more frequently.

Taking photographs for the sake of shooting: reflections on photography, and on being a photographer

After my husband died, I have been thinking a lot about photography, about being a photographer, and my obsession with taking photos.