Anatomy of a monocot leaf

Parallel Lines

In a previous post I showed the leaf of a dicot plant, which is characterized by branching major leaf veins. The leaf above, on which I applied the same photographic technique, is a monocot plant, characterized by major leaf veins running parallel.

This is the leaf of a Cala Lilly. I took this photograph on January 31, at the local arboretum. The leaf is large, green, glossy. I converted the photograph into black and white to enhance the vein pattern and I also added grain in post-processing to enhance the texture.

Location: UC Davis Arboretum, CA, USA.

Equipment: Nikon D750, AF-S NIKKOR 105mm F2.8G,  speedlight, off camera trigger, light stand, diffuser.

Settings: f/8, 1/200”, ISO 100.

Tips: to highlight the shape of the leaf and the veins, and avoid glow, illuminate from behind. I used an off-camera speed light going through a diffuser placed behind the leaf.

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