My dream of Point Arena Lighthouse, in black and white (Northern California)

Point Arena lighthouse was gorgeous on mothers’ day. My son and I drove from Bodega Bay all the way north to Fort Bragg. It was supposed to be a scouting trip, as most trips with non-photographers turn out to be. At the lighthouse, however, I had to make a longer stop and try to captureContinue reading “My dream of Point Arena Lighthouse, in black and white (Northern California)”

Landscape or portrait orientation? On the art of procrastinating boring tasks

My weekended plan was to investigate Mailchimp, but I ended up spending all my time shooting Agave plants, then investigating how to best present its curve. 

Photography opportunities at the Marin Headlands (California, Sausalito), part I- man-made textures

Textures and patterns Photography at e Marin Headlands, Sausalito, California.

Celebrating “Fascination of Plants Day”: Another view of the dry leaf of the Cecropia

Another view of a dry leaf of the Cecropia, in black and white, reveals a different aspect of this interesting, large leaf found in the Atlantic Forest of Brazil.