Monochromatic photography in tropical nature: some problems and some tips to overcome them

Photographing monochromatic landscapes in the tropics can be challenging. I give a few tips to overcome some of them.

Photographing the Foxtail Agave, and how I found inspiration in Seneca’s stoicism

I found inspiration for a new photography project on the Foxtail Agave after reading Seneca’s “On the shortness of life”.

A brief investigation into two eco papers, Hahnemühle Bamboo Base, and the Hahnemühle Agave Base

I tested two eco papers from Hahnemühle, the Bamboo Base and the Agave Base, and compare prices with the Photo Rag, a paper I use more frequently.

Autumn triangulation, 2019 featured in a Frames Magazine video

My image, Autumn Triangulation, featured in a YouTube video from the Frames Magazine.

Taking photographs for the sake of shooting: reflections on photography, and on being a photographer

After my husband died, I have been thinking a lot about photography, about being a photographer, and my obsession with taking photos.