Foggy morning by the lake

Foggy Morning

Although fog is one of my favorite weather conditions for photography, I find it extremely difficult to successfully post-process a picture taken in thick fog. The light is flat, homogenous, the contrast is low, and conveying a tri-dimensional perspective can be very challenging.  But since I find the misty, damp, surreal, dream-like atmosphere that fog creates to be very pleasant, I keep coming back for one more challenge. Last Sunday, the fog covered the park for quite some time in the morning, and I got the chance to photograph a few misty landscapes. 

For photos of this park when it is not foggy, or for more info about the park, click here.

Location: Lagoon Valley park, Vacaville, CA, USA;

Equipment: Nikon D750, AF-S NIKKOR 70-200mm F2.8G ED, tripod;

Settings: 103 mm, f/18 0.3s ISO 100;

Tips: Bring an extra pair of shoes to get back in the car. Overexpose from 0.3 up to 1 stop to get a brighter fog.

8 thoughts on “Foggy morning by the lake

  1. howg2211 says:

    What I sometimes do in that instance is to make a group in PS and title it ‘for printing only’ and put any additional curves etc that make the print look better in there. Then turn the group on for making prints and off for making web versions.


  2. Alessandra Chaves says:

    Thank you. I wish this would allow me to upload a picture in comments, i was between this version where I blew the highlights in the sky to make it really white, and another one where I did not. The difference on the screen is slight but printing maybe an issue with this one.


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