Light, Shadow, Reflection

My first post is a memory from a while ago, more precisely, December 2018. I had been on a photography outing taking pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge and going inside Fort Point was a reward for having accomplished a task. 

No weight was left behind, however. If you have been to San Francisco, you know this: never leave your photography equipment inside the car, or you may never see it again. As I entered the fort, camera in hand, and saw the inside of the building for the first time, the sun peeped from within the clouds just at the right angle to produce these beautiful shadows. It all happened very fast.

The printed photograph is on display  and is for sale at Gallery 625 in Woodland, as part of the exhibit, Light Shadow, Reflection. 

Location: Fort Point, San Francisco, CA, USA

Equipment: Nikon D700, AF-S DX Micro NIKKOR 40mm f/2.8G

Settings: f/8 1/100s ISO 400

Tunnel Vis

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