Dragon dreams at the UC Davis (Putah Creek Riparian Reserve)

It has been raining non-stop here in the Central Valley of California and Bay area. The storms are welcome because we are still in a drought, but talk about not being prepared! Fences, branches, wires down, electricity has been on and off and roads are flooded.

The fog season has not materialized just yet. Last year, however, there was plenty, but I was not too excited about it. Despite my lack of enthusiasm, I managed to take the FEATURED PHOTOGRAPH on a cool morning at the Putah Creek Riparian Reserve, f/14 1/15s ISO 50.  

I sometimes go to the Putah Creek Riparian Reserve looking for a photograph and leave with several frames to delete: dead plants, debris, benches, tables, people, trash, dogs, all conspire to ruin my pictures. The fog, however, is forgiving, it hides a lot of things we do not want to see.  That morning, I was lucky, I found a dragon.  

Prints of the featured photograph can be purchased in my pixels website.


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16 thoughts on “Dragon dreams at the UC Davis (Putah Creek Riparian Reserve)

      1. Alessandra Chaves says:

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  1. Steve Gingold says:

    Great vision and imagination, Alessandra. I totally see your friendly dragon.

    Fog is an excellent cover for stuff we don’t want in our picture and adds the benefit of atmosphere and mood.

    You are getting round after round of nasty weather. My brother lives in Fairfax and has a hill in his backyard. Fortunately he had drainage at the bottom of the hill installed just a few weeks ago and his retaining wall rebuilt so no water problems so he is lucky but so many others are not. He also lost power and with it the ability to use any communication for several days.

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