Dogwood portrait, 2022, at the upcoming PBS KVIE Art Auction

Dogwood portrait, 2022 (featured photograph), will be auctioned at the PBS KVIE Art Auction during BREAK 36 – 10/2/2022 2:30PM – PhotographyOnline and in-person bidding have already started (September 1st). Online bidding closes Thursday, Sept. 29 at 5PM. Further bidding is by phone only during the live auction.

I told the story behind the photograph on a previous post. The piece being auctioned is 16×24 in black and white printed on Artisan Archival Canvas. The print was beautifully executed by Finerworks, my favorite P.O.D. company. (Disclaimer: NOT an affiliated link). KVIE requests that the donated pieces become a limited edition. I will limit this one to a maximum of 15 prints at this size, and on this medium.

The PBS KVIE Art Auction is an annual broadcast and livestream event celebrating the artwork of Northern California artists and California Masters.  This year, the auction will happen September 30 – October 2, 2022. Consistent with previous years, the artwork is already available for preview online. Take look at our local talent, and if you are in the area and can spare the time, go see the show in person! 

  All proceeds benefit the PBS station, KVIE. 


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Published by Alessandra Chaves

Photographer with a preference for nature photography in black and white and other abstractions.

8 thoughts on “Dogwood portrait, 2022, at the upcoming PBS KVIE Art Auction

    1. Yes, this one is a real full donation since I pay for the price of printing… some local printers and framers also donate giving discounts to the artists. It’s a fun event, once a year for a few minutes I watch the presenter say good things on tv about my photo 😀


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