Light matters – Lonesome Dove, 2021

 Light Matters“ is a photography series dedicated to “chasing the light.” It is still a very small series, but I hope to add a few more images this coming fall and winter. Storm light is very fleeting, and storms are rare in the part of California where I live. In the Sierra Nevada, however, where I took the lead photo, storms are more common and are quite unpredictable.

The lead photo is a slightly different interpretation of an image that first appeared on this post, where I write about the location and also give some tips on wild horse photography. For the version above, I disabled the sepia filter layer in Photoshop and also softened the aspect of the sun rays coming through the clouds.

Lonesome Dove, 2021, is a wild horse from the Mono Lake area, eastern Sierra Nevada. Collectively called “mustangs”, wild horses are feral animals that roam in the Western United States’ public lands. Although for the most part they descend from horses brought to the Americas from Spain around 1600, other breeds and types of horses have contributed to the makeup of the modern mustang herds. This includes stray horses used by the United States Cavalry and escaped ranch horses or animals that were purposely released into the wild.


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Published by Alessandra Chaves

Photographer with a preference for nature photography in black and white and other abstractions.

14 thoughts on “Light matters – Lonesome Dove, 2021

  1. After looking back at the earlier version, I prefer it because its more-pronounced rays of sun that cast a spotlight on the horse. Did you soften the rays in today’s version to keep more of the viewer’s attention on the horse ?


  2. It’s a lovely image, Alessandra. I like this version better overall with the wider frame but like Steve would enjoy the rays included as well. To me they would add balance to the image. Either way I am sure it will look great on your wall.

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