My dream of Point Arena Lighthouse, in black and white (Northern California)

Point Arena lighthouse was gorgeous on mothers’ day. My son and I drove from Bodega Bay all the way north to Fort Bragg. It was supposed to be a scouting trip, as most trips with non-photographers turn out to be. At the lighthouse, however, I had to make a longer stop and try to capture the quickly changing sky. 

Because the rain was about to come down, I didn’t have the time to find a more creative spot from where to photograph the scene. I stopped the car by the parking spot on the left side of the entrance to the lighthouse and photographed from there.

Although I know that my vantage point is not very original, I trust that the sky that day and my interpretation of it in black and white will be somewhat unique and unrepeatable, even for myself.

The photo was taken a few minutes before the storm. I have added it to my new gallery “Light Matters“, which is dedicated to “chasing the light.” It is still a very small series, but I hope to add a few more images this coming fall and winter.

The Point Arena Lighthouse stands out on the landscape of California’s Coast and an important visitor destination in Mendocino County. Although my son and I did not see any whales that day, it is one of the best whale watching spots on the North coast, featuring the annual Gray Whale migration from late November through May.

While writing this post, I found that, for a steep price, one can take shelter at the lighthouse keepers’ rooms (I am not affiliated with them and have not tried these accommodations). You can make the reservations here. I imagine that such lodging would offer many photographic possibilities at all the right times of the day.

This was my second time at the Point Arena Lighthouse. On my first visit (May, 2020), the sky was very boring. 


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20 thoughts on “My dream of Point Arena Lighthouse, in black and white (Northern California)

  1. shoreacres says:

    Point Reyes and Point Arena both are beautiful, and this is one of the best photos I’ve seen of either. I’ve often imagined being a light keeper; I think I’d like it. For better or for worse, technology has made that occupation mostly unnecessary — or at least transformed it in ways the original light keepers hardly could imagine.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Steve Heap says:

    Black and white treatment is just perfect for the scene and the clouds you found there. That would look fantastic as a print! The slightly extended exposure was perfect for the ocean as well. Great!


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