Autumn triangulation, 2019 featured in a Frames Magazine video

A while ago I posted the photograph above in the Frames Magazine facebook group and it ended up featured in a YouTube video “Five Excellent Photographs” in their channel. The video contains five photographs and, in it, Tomasz Trzebiatowski, the editor of the magazine, explains why he likes them. He reminds us to take the time to savor images we like, look a little closer, and try to identify why we like them.

The FRAMES Magazine is “a modern photography magazine in a digital world” with the goal to “bring compelling photographs, and the stories behind them, to the hands of professionals and admirers alike.”

“Four times a year, FRAMES gives photographers of all genres and mediums a place for their art to be seen and voices to be heard. We believe in providing a community that inspires people to pick up a camera and let their creativity run wild.”

If you like photography, particularly printed photography, please subscribe to the Frames Magazine. It takes a lot of work and dedication to run a printed magazine these days and Tomasz does a great job. However, printing costs are high and getting new subscriptions is paramount to the success of this endeavor.

I took Autumn Triangulation, 2019 in the fall of that year, after a productive trip to a local pumpkin patch. Click on the following link if you want so see my small collection of still life images.


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18 thoughts on “Autumn triangulation, 2019 featured in a Frames Magazine video

  1. shoreacres says:

    That must have been a delight, to see your work featured in that way. I really do like the photo, and think the title is perfect. The colors are autumn-warm, and the stems convey a sense of movement not usually associated with pumpkins! (On the other hand, there was that Berkeley tradition of rolling pumpkins down Marin Avenue, but I swear I only observed.)


  2. Steve Gingold says:

    I am happy to repeat myself and congratulate you on the YouTube publication. This is a fine still life and I could not possibly think of anything to suggest that could in any way make it better. I hope you have a place for it on a wall in your home.

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