Spring Musings in black and white

You can use color filters to obtain the black and white image you want straight out of camera. A filter will lighten the color that is the same of its own color.

The Mermaid’s face

I have been to the Marin Headlands a number of times, but last Saturday was the first time I saw the face of the Mermaid.

My mood of the ocean

I like the freedom from reality that black and white gives me. In color, there is often the expectation that a scene has some resemblance with reality, and when it does not, it looks strange. In black and white, by contrast, there is no such expectation because there is no real world in black and white to use as a reference.

Beyond Fort Ross

The coast off Fort Ross is beautiful and full with potential for high contrast black and white photography.

Light, Shadow, Reflection

Photograph on display at Gallery 625 in Woodland, as part of the exhibit: Light Shadow, Reflection.