Agave jab – succulent plant photography in black and white

I introduce my followers to one of my black and white photographs of an Agave plant, and write some thoughts about succulent plant photography in monochrome.

Fun with pepper photography in black and white

Peppers are fun to photograph and reveal interesting shapes when looked at from certain angles. In this post, I write about a few photos of these vegetables I have created, in black and white.

Monterey Trees, part two- resilience

I show an image that I have recently uploaded to my Monterey Trees series. I also write a little about different papers I used for test printing.

High Pass filter, a non-destructive sharpening method in Photoshop

In this short tutorial, I show how I sharpened my images in my series “Dry Leaf” in Adobe Photoshop, using a non-destructive method, the High Pass filter.

Working in projects and series- winter tulips, partial conclusion

In this post, I discuss some of the roadblocks I have encountered while working on my Winter Tulips series, and present the partial results of my efforts.

“Oleander leaf, 2021” by Alessandra Chaves — FRAMES Magazine

Botanical photography is one of my passions and within this field I particularly enjoy photographing subjects that are past their Source “Oleander leaf, 2021” by Alessandra Chaves — FRAMES Magazine