From bright orange”Folded in” to monochrome  “Wabi-Sabi”,  the closed flowers of the California Poppy against the sky

After photographing the closed flowers of the California poppy against the sky, I endeavored to convert my photos to black and white. I show how I work in layers, and write about accepting imperfections in one’s work as a way of enriching it.

Wide-open spaces of the West in black and white, chapter two

Come along with me for a walk in the pasture, along the nearly dry marsh, towards the mountains, and into the light.

A day in the Tahoe Snow – snapshots converted into black and white for a personal touch

When you don’t have time for more than a snapshot or two, you can add some interest to your photos later in post-processing by converting them to black and white.

Haunted Halloween composition featuring the Itaipava Castle in Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

A Halloween composition taken in the Itaipava Castle (Castelo de Itaipava). Happy Halloween!

Of the photos you have taken, which ones will people keep, and which ones will they throw away after you die?

Some black and white family photos from an unknown photographer

Rush Ranch, 2022 story on Frames Magazine online

This week’s blog post is a link, to the story behind my photo Rush Ranch, 2022, which went online last week as a FRAMES Magazine story. Enjoy! Rush Ranch, 2022 is part f my project “Light Matters“, which is dedicated to “chasing the light.” The FRAMES Magazine is “a modern photography magazine in a digitalContinue reading “Rush Ranch, 2022 story on Frames Magazine online”