Happy Thanksgiving and Farewell to Autumn

Every year, a new layer of leaves is deposited on the ground, nurturing the earth and freeing space for a spring rebirth. Life feeds off death and thrives on the continuous renewal of its forms. As humans, we are in a unique position of being able to notice it. Maybe that’s what we are here for: to bear witness and to become aware of the silent sorrow of all living things as they are called on to leave this beautiful world.

Thanksgiving marks the farewell to autumn in the Central Valley of California. To honor the season, I made the featured image. It is an off camera composite based on three photographs I took while on a walk at the UC Davis Arboretum with a photographer friend, on November 12. I stacked the images in photoshop, in layers, and played with their opacities until I achieved the desired effect.

Wishing my followers in the USA a Thanksgiving filled with food, joy and love.

In this holiday season, don’t forget to hug those you love and to tell them how important they are to you. Resolve issues, forgive, make peace. Life is short, it goes fast and no one is guaranteed tomorrow.


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Published by Alessandra Chaves

Photographer with a preference for nature photography in black and white and other abstractions.

27 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving and Farewell to Autumn

  1. That’s a sonorous phrase, “silent sorrow,” and a weighty thought: “the silent sorrow of all living things as they are called on to leave this beautiful world.” English lets us say that the fallen leaves symbolize the silent sorrow of the one who leaves.

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      1. That play on those coincidentally identical English words doesn’t translate into Portuguese, but there are indeed pairs of coincidentally identical Portuguese words. For example there’s the São in São Paulo and the são that’s a doublet of sano. If you like that city, you’ll agree that Quem vive em São Paulo é são.


  2. Your image is so beautiful. The varying opacity of the layers suggests the slow disintegration of the leaves, and their absorption by the autumn ground. While I love seeing photos of great swaths of tree color, as in New England, I really prefer more intimate photos of autumn leaves, and this certainly suits my taste.

    I hope your day was a good one. We’ve been covered in rain all day, and will be for at least two more days to come. Everyone is thankful for it — even the ones who are grumping because it made travel a little difficult, or outdoor activities impossible.

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  3. I’ve never considered combining layers for a shot like this as you have and admire your creativity. It’s always a challenge to take a scene like this, chaotic as it can be, and turn it into a composition that makes sense. Nice work.
    I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. The sentiment in your final words I am sure reflects a sense of sadness not just for the fallen leaves but for the unhappy void now in your life.

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    1. Thank you. The friend I walked with does a lot of ME and that inspired me. I did have a nice Thanksgiving, but of course it’s also been a sad one. Sooner or later we all go, and that didn’t seem like a reality before. But now it is.

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  4. I’m visiting after Thanksgiving and so I have missed the opportunity to wish you a peaceful day. But the image is very calming – it does give the impression of both falling leaves and also the leaves fading away as the winter continues. All the best for the coming month, which I am sure will be difficult.

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  5. The cycle of life is beautiful. I remember reading to my mom when she was at an advanced age and how we had come full circle. Fall leaves evoke similar feelings for me.

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