Wordless Wednesday – Milkweed seedpod – #WordlessWednesday

Published by Alessandra Chaves

Photographer with a preference for nature photography in black and white and other abstractions.

12 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Milkweed seedpod – #WordlessWednesday

      1. I’ve learned that my Canon 5DS R generally underexposes bright scenes. That, coupled with the fact that I always shoot in raw mode, means that only rarely in recent years have I ended up with blown-out highlights.

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  1. I’ve yet to see any milkweed fluff this year, although I have seen some thistle down. It’s fun trying to capture its complexity; I especially like the clarity of the seed at the bottom.


  2. This resembles smoke photography, at least to me. It will be a while before our milkweed begins to produce seeds. I saw my first caterpillar a few days ago but although obviously there has been at least one adult I have yet to see a butterfly. This is a nice composition and a very good subject for black and white. Not a hint of blown whites so well done, Alessandra.

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