Submissions to the FRAMES Photography App

These days we are exposed to an inordinate number of photographs from social media. This can easily overwhelm the viewer. If you would like to receive good quality, diverse photography in small numbers, so you can appreciate each, the FRAMES Photography App may be for you. Produced by Tomasz Trzebiatowski, the founder and editor of the FRAMES magazine, this curated photo sharing app will display only two photos per day.   

I have been using this ap for a while and last month I received an invitation to submit two of my photographs. I chose the one above, and the one from my post “Celebrating the Sunflower Season”. I wanted to give two examples of botanical photography in black and white: 1) a simple, minimally processed photograph (the featured photograph); and 2) a digital image resulting from extensive use of post-processing techniques. 

Upon submission, I answered the following questions:

  1. SHARE THE STORY BEHIND YOUR PHOTOGRAPH. Where and when it was it taken? What does it represent? Why did you create this image? Your thoughts, your emotions… 
  • BE A TEACHER. Help The Viewers Improve Their Own Photography. Share something of value (technical or inspirational) that will help the viewers with elevating their own photography skills. 
  • Equipment Used / Settings

The answers to these questions will be printed along with the photographs, and if you want to see what I wrote, get the app. It’s free! It can be downloaded here for both iOS and Android systems.

Published by Alessandra Chaves

Photographer with a preference for nature photography in black and white and other abstractions.

18 thoughts on “Submissions to the FRAMES Photography App

  1. Congratulations on your images, both of which are quite well done, accepted for the Frames sharing app. It’s always rewarding to get recognition for one’s work. I like what you did with both and am sure others will enjoy them once published on the app.


    1. Thank you. Although I don’t have much reason to suspect that the images won’t be accepted, I haven’t gotten notice yet that they have been as yet. I wanted to show my choices regardless, and to promote the app, which I think is really cool.


      1. Well, if they read your reply then they certainly should show their appreciation. However the images deserve to be seen on their own so appreciation should be for the them and not your promotion. Hopefully you hear soon.

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