Fishing my followers

There are too many simple things I cannot do here unless I pay for a business plan. One of them is use plug-ins to collect my followers when I migrate. For this reason, at some some point in the near future (if the future does come) I will migrate to and host it on bluehost. Although I am confident that I can take my e-mail followers with ease, I am not so sure about the platform followers.

If you want to make sure that you continue to follow this blog, please subscribe by e-mail. Don’t worry I am not going to spam you or sell your e-mail.

Detail about the leading photograph can be found in my previous post, Fishing for answers.

Published by Alessandra Chaves

Photographer with a preference for nature photography in black and white and other abstractions.

4 thoughts on “Fishing my followers

  1. If you’re installing Jetpack when you go self-hosted (it’s a plugin that adds much of the features of to self-hosted), you might be able to migrate the followers. If you contact Jetpack support I’m sure they can help.
    Also, if I may make the suggestion (just out of experience, cough cough), take a look at GreenGeeks, Siteground or Dreamhost for hosting your site, instead of BlueHost.

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  2. So, did do a ‘subscribe by email,’ but also sent my email privately because I wouldn’t want to miss you if you migrated. It’s funny that lately, especially with the last couple of posts about the 13 steps, I’ve run into some fundamental limitations that, as you say, require paying for a business plan (for example, I’d like to add footnotes to some things instead of parenthetical comments – doesn’t sound like a big ask). Anyway, take me with you when you go


    1. Thank you! Always glad to hear from you! Most simple things I want to do require plug-ins that I cannot install without a business plan. i am not here on business: if I pay for the plan I will spend a lot of money and get none in return.

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